Our Journey

On our mission to visit the greatest grapegrowing sites in the world,we ventured from low-lying estuaries to high arid landscapes.

We walked vineyards rooted in centuries of history

and tapped into generations of knowledge.
All the while, we drank.
And as we sipped the produce of the

the world’s most sacred soils

an unmistakable vision took shape: that of a singular
Bordeaux-style wine

sourced from the finest vineyards on Earth

We’ve focused on the grapes whose expression of terroir best represents this vision,
and nurtured them to make the very best wine possible.
Guided by tradition but ignoring all borders and boundaries,

we’ve brought the world’s greatest winegrowing sites into one bottle.

And we’re bringing that wine, called Pangaea, to a world that was once one.

Creating a Masterpiece